Ecology and Organismal Biology

The Ecology and Organismal Biology concentration within the Biology major is for students interested in the biology of organisms (specifically plants or animals) or the biology of populations and communities.  Course offerings include those from organismal biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation biology. This option is a graduate prep program, and it is designed for students interested in academia or employment with a government agency (e.g.  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service), or non-governmental conservation organizations.  This option is also an excellent choice for pre-veterinary students.

Course Requirements (link to catalog)

Checklist of Requirements (one page PDF)

There are two example graduation plans for the Ecology & Organismal Biology concentration: one with the introductory chemistry sequence (one year chemistry), and one with the advanced chemistry sequence (two years chemistry).  Which you choose will depend upon your overall career interests.  Choose the introductory chemistry sequence if your interests are in field biology, ecology, or if you are undecided.  Choose the advanced chemistry sequence for organismal biology (e.g. animal or plant physiology) or veterinary school preparation.

Example four year plan with introductory chemistry (PDF)

Example four year plan with advanced chemistry (PDF)