Human Biological Sciences

The Human Biological Sciences concentration within the Biology major is a pre-professional program for students planning a career in a health-related field. The following is a partial list of possible professions: physical therapy, medicine, dentistry, physician's assistant, alternative medicine, nutrition, and public health.

Course Requirements (link to catalog)

Checklist of Requirements (one page PDF)

There are two example graduation plans for Human Biological Sciences: one with the introductory chemistry sequence (one year chemistry), and one with the advanced chemistry sequence (two years chemistry).  Which you choose will depend upon your interests and career goals.  Choose the advanced chemistry sequence if you plan to apply to a graduate or professional program such as medical or dental school. Choose the introductory sequence if you plan to pursue nursing, graduate work in physical therapy, or are undecided.  Check with your intended graduate/professional program for their specific requirements.  

Example four year plan with introductory chemistry (PDF)

Example four year plan with advanced chemistry (PDF)