Flight Lab Personnel

Bret Tobalske

Bret Tobalske

Professor, Director Field Research Station

Home Department: Division of Biological Sciences
Office: Health Sciences 208 and Field Research Station
Email: bret.tobalske@mso.umt.edu
Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 - 12:00, or by appointment

Personal Website

Current Position

Associate Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Director, Field Research Station at Fort Missoula


BIOE 403 - Vertebrate Design and Evolution

BIOB 391 - Comparative Biomechanics

BIOB 507 - Organismal Function


Ph.D. (1994) University of Montana, Organismal Biology and Ecology

M.A. (1991) University of Montana, Zoology

B.S. (1988) Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Research Interests

Comparative Biomechanics, Functional Morphology, Muscle Physiology

Central to the biology of birds, bats, and insects: flight requires more power output than any other form of animal locomotion.   Ultimately, I seek to understand how flight has shaped the ecology and evolution of birds.   I use a variety of  techniques to explore the mechanisms of bird flight in both the laboratory and in the field.  Much of my recent work uses a laser-based system to measure patterns of air flow about the wings and in the wake of flying birds.  I am working to relate these flow dynamics to the in vivo muscle work and power output produced during flight.

Although my primary focus is on bird flight, I am also deeply interested in a wide array of topics in comparative biomechanics and functional morphology. I am open to advising graduate students who wish to study taxa other than birds and other forms of animal performance including swimming and feeding.  I also have an abiding interest in the conservation biology of cavity-nesting birds.

Field of Study

Comparative Biomechanics

Functional Morphology


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Home Department

Division of Biological Sciences

Area of Expertise

Comparative biomechanics: anatomy, physiology, and fluid dynamics of animal locomotion in the air and water

Teaching Experience

University of Montana (2008-Present)

University of Portland (1999-2008)

Allegheny College (1997-1998)

International Experience

Fulbright Fellowship (1995), France

Sabbatical (2007), France


American Ornithologists' Union

Cooper Ornithological Society

Sigma Xi

Society for Experimental Biology

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology


Music: Playing, Composing, Recording

Outdoors:  Bicycling, SCUBA, Camping, Hiking