Program of Study

  • 1 OBEE Core Courses
  • 30 credits of committee-approved coursework; up to 10 may be thesis (BIOB 599); 10 non-599 credits must be at 500 level; see Grad Regs for additional limits on credits for courses with repeatable numbers (e.g., BIOB 595)
  • Research seminar in 2nd year
  • Research thesis, successfully proposed and then defended

*Each year, in addition to other forms, the progress report form must be submitted by April 1 for review by the OBEE Graduate Student Evaluation Committee.

MS Deadlines

Year  Date Activity Forms
1 November 1 Choose advisor, select committee, agree on coursework plan coursework form
April 1 Defend thesis research proposal (written submission of proposal with budget/timeline + oral defense) proposal form
2 anytime in 2nd year OBEE noon seminar (a 2nd year seminar is required even if the defense is delayed until 3rd year)
6 months prior to defense

Advance to MS candidacy

MS candidacy form
1 month prior to defense Submit thesis to committee for approval for oral defense
7 days prior to defense Approved thesis made available to OBEE faculty
3 days prior to defense Approved thesis submitted to Graduate Dean (must be 18 days prior to end of semester)

*For additional details, please see the OBEE Graduate Program Regulations (OBEE Regs)