Cellular and Developmental Biology

An incoming CMMB student is advised by a Graduate Education Committee (GEC) member in the programmatic requirements and in the selection of courses for the first semester (and for the second if a committee has not yet been formed and coursework approved). All CMMB students have a CMMB Common Requirements. In addition to these, each option has its own prerequisites and programmatic requirements (coursework, comprehensives, etc.).

Cellular and Developmental Biology Option Prerequisites

  • MS/PhD:  Call and Molecular biology (equivalent of BIOB 260)
  • MS/PhD:  Genetics and Evolutions (equivalent of BIOB 272)

Cellular and Develomental Biology Option Suggested Curriculum

  • BIOB 425 Advanced Cellular Biology, 3 cr.
  • BCH 480 Advanced Biochemistry I, 3 cr.
  • BCH 482 Advanced Biochemistry II, 3 cr.
  • BIOM 410 Microbial Genetics, 3 cr.
  • BCH 582 Proteins and Enzymes, 3 cr.
  • BCH 584 Nucleic Acids, 3 cr.
  • BIOM 502 Advanced Immunology, 3 cr.
  • BIOM 509 Advanced Virology, 3 cr.
  • BCH 600 Cell Organization and Mechanisms, 3 cr.

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