Microbiology and Immunology


An incoming CMMB student is advised by a Graduate Education Committee (GEC) member in the programmatic requirements and in the selection of courses for the first semester (and for the second if a committee has not yet been formed and coursework approved). All CMMB students have CMMB Common Requirements. In addition to these, each emphasis has its own prerequisites and programmatic requirements (coursework, comprehensives, etc.).

Microbiology and Immunology Option Prerequisites

  • MS/PhD: Upper level Biochemistry (equivalent of BCH 480 and 482)
  • MS/PhD: General Microbiology (equivalent of BIOM 360)
  • MS/PhD: Immunology (equivalent of BIOB 410)
  • MS/PhD: Medical Bacteriology & Mycology (equivalent of BIOM 402)
  • MS/PhD: Microbial Genetics (equivalent of BIOM 410)
  • MS/PhD: Virology (equivalent of BIOM 435)
  • MS/PhD: Microbial Physiology (equivalent of BIOM 450)

Microbiology and Immunology Option Suggested Curriculum

  • BIOM 502 Advanced Immunology, 3 cr.
  • BIOM 509 Advanced Virology, 3 cr.
  • BIOM 520 Medical Parasitology, 2 cr.
  • BIOM 540 Molecular Pathogenesis, 3 cr.
  • BCH 584 Nucleic Acids, 3 cr.
  • BCH 582 Proteins and Enzymes, 3 cr.
  • BCH 600 Cell Organization and Mechanisms, 3 cr.
  • BIOB 541 Electron Microscopy Laboratory, variable cr.

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