Allen Warren

Senior Systems/Software Engineer

Current Projects:

Topofire NASA Funded Project

Prototype System for Predicting Insect and Climate-Induced Impacts On Fire Hazard in Complex Terrain


Hardware Knowledge: Building and supporting Networks, PC and Server Systems since 1985.

Programming Skills: PHP, SQL, C, C#, C ++, Delphi, Visual Basic, JAVA, PYTHON, PERL, BASH

Systems Administration: Linux, FreeBSD Unix, Mac OS, Windows Server NT – 2008, ROCKS, SCYLD, StackIQ, Windows HPC

High Performance Computing Training and support  for faculty, staff and students.

XSEDE Active Allocations, Stampede

IDE: MS Visual Studio 2005-2008, KDevelop, Delphi, Eclipse

Web Servers Installation and Support: Apache Http Server, MS IIS, Tomcat, Java EE, GlassFish

DBMS used: MySql, MS SQL, Pervasive SQL, Access, Oracle, Postgres, PostGIS

Analysis/Design Methodologies: UML, MS Viso.

Networking, data acquisition and robotics.

Graphic design and Photo editing. Digital music and video production.

Proficient user of Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Avid Studio, Reason 6, working knowledge of Flash.


University of Phoenix, 2008
Associate Degree in Information Technology

University of Montana, 2004 – 2006
Attended courses in the UM CS Department

Lee College, 2001-2003.
Certificates, CEU

Columbia School of Broadcasting, 1981-1983

Research Interests:

High Performance Computing, GPU Computing, Linux and Windows HPC Clustering

Relational Database Management Systems Front-end Development utilizing
LAMP , MS SQL, Dot Net or Linux/Unix KDevelop.

GIS Applications.

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Design.

Human machine interfaces.