Sample Preparation

carbon coater

EMtrix features a fully equipped, state-of-the-art EM specimen preparation laboratory. The lab features ultramicrotomes, knifemakers, sputter coaters, a critical point dryer, a vacuum evaporator, embedding ovens and light microscopes. The facility is staffed by a professional electron microscopy technician, available to assist in experimental design, sample preparation, and interpretation of data.


Both standard and various specialized techniques for TEM can be conducted by the Facility and include:

  • routine fixation, embedding, sectioning, mounting and staining of samples
  • immuno-staining techniques
  • enzyme and other cytochemical localization methods
  • molecular spreads
  • negative staining
  • shadow casting
  • particle interaction


Specimens can be prepared for both standard and high resolution SEM. The Facility can prepare samples from start to finish including fixation, critical point drying, mounting, and sputter coating. For additional information on these methods or to inquire about any specialized needs you may have for preparing samples, please contact us.

Researchers who prefer to prepare and/or examine their own samples without the use of EMtrix personnel, can do so by prior arrangement. Consult the Fee Schedule for costs, or Jim Driver for further information.