Present and Past Graduate Students and Technicians

Tammi Johnson
Tammi Johnson handling small mammals while studying relapsing fever in Montana. Can't be too careful!
Otter hair snare project
Darin Newton and undergraduate students setting floating hair snares for river otters.
Shannon Hilty
Shannon Hilty on Granite Peak in Montana studying pikas
Grad students on Halloween
Graduate student halloween party - "Come as your major professor"
Which is Darin?
Absolutely no resemblance at all! Can you tell which one is Darin?
Lab 2006
Lab Photo - Spring 2006
Dave and Adrian
Dave Ausband (right) and Adrian Costel looking at swift fox den on the Blackfeet Reservation
Liz Ausband
Liz Ausband with swift fox on the Blackfeet Reservation
Ray Vinkey
Ray Vinkey with radiocollared fisher in the Cabinet Mountains
Steve Carson
Steve Carson in Ross Cedar grove in the Cabinet mountains of northwestern Montana
Katie Mally
Katie Mally setting pitfall trap in central Montana
Katie Mally
Katie handling her first research animal!
Katie Mally
Katie with rattlesnake dinner
group with bighorn sheep
Jonathan Fusaro, Don Merritt, Brady Dunne, Shawn Cleveland with GPS collared bighorn sheep near Thompson Falls
Brady Dunne
Brady Dunne after 20 hours in the field (I think) somewhere in the mountains
Dave Worthington
Dave Worthington trapping bats at Mystery Cave in the Pryor Mountains
Dean Pearson
Dean Pearson setting a remote camera in the Bitterroot Mountains for forest carnivores
Jeremy Moran
Jeremy Moran setting remote camera in the Swan Valley
Jake Ivan
Jake Ivan crossing Bear Creek in the Bitterroot Mountains on his marten project
Jay Shepherd
Jay Shepherd setting weasel trap in the Swan Mountains
Mike Maples
Mike Maples checking a remote camera near Bear Creek in the Bitterroot Mountains
Scott Thomas
Scott Tomson heading in to the Cabinet Mountains on the Idaho side looking for American marten
surveying a prairie dog colony
Jo Ann Dullum surveying a prairie dog colony on C.M. Russell NWR
Nate Schwab
Nate Schwab processing a bat
Images from Bhutan - Dzong in Bumthang
Images from Bhutan - Dzong in Bumthang
Woman collecting straw in Paro, Bhuthan
Woman collecting straw in Paro, Bhuthan