Recent Publications

cover of book featuring two bison in front of river and plains    

Foresman, K. R. 2012. Mammals of Montana. Mountain Press Publishing Company, Missoula, MT. (View the book)

Key to Mammals of MT    

Foresman, K. R. 2012. Key to the Mammals of Montana. University of Montana Bookstore. (View the book)

Carnivore Ecology and Conservation    

Foresman, K. R. 2012. Chapter 6: Carnivores in Hand, pgs. 130-151, L. Boitani and R. A. Powell, editors, Oxford University Press

The Wild Mammals of Montana    

Foresman, K. R. 2001. The Wild Mammals of Montana. Special Publication No. 12, American Society of Mammalogists, Allen Press Inc., 278 pp. (View the book)

Key to the Mammals of Montana    

Foresman, K. R. 2001. Key to the Mammals of Montana. The University of Montana Bookstore, 92 pp. (View the book)

Journal of Wildlife Management    

Rogers, T. A., B. Bedrosian, J. Graham, and K. R. Foresman. 2012. Lead exposure in large carnivores in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:575-582. (PDF)

Win-Win for wind and wildlife

Kiesecker, J. M. et al. (2011). Win-Win for wind and wildlife: A vision to facilitate sustainable development. PLos One 10.1371/journal.pone.0017566 (PDF)

Zoolocial studies    

Pei, K. J-C, K. R. Foresman, B-T. Liu, L-H. Hong, and J. Y-L. Yu. 2009. Testosterone levels in male Muntjac: uncoupling of the reproductive and antler cycles. Zoological Studies 48:120-124. (PDF)

Canadian Journal of Zoology    

Zwolak, R., and K. R. Foresman. 2008. Deer mouse demography in burned and unburned forest: no evidence for source-sink dynamics. Canadian Journal of Zoology 86:83-91. (PDF)

Journal of Wildlife Management     

Luikart, G. S. Zundel, D. Rioux, C. Miquel, K. A. Keating, J. T. Hogg, B. Steele, K. R. Foresman, and P. Taberlet. 2008. Low genotyping error rates for microsatellite mutiplexes and noninvasive fecal DNA samples from bighorn sheep. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:299-304. (PDF)

Canadian Journal of Zoology    

Zwolak, R., and K. R. Foresman. 2007. Effects of a stand-replacing fire on small mammal communities in montane forest. Candian Journal of Zoology 85:815-822. (PDF)

Canadian Journal of Zoology    

Ausband, D., and K. R. Foresman. 2007. Dispersal, survival, and reproduction of wild-born, yearling swift foxes in a reintroduced population. Candian Journal of Zoology 85:185-189. (PDF)

biological conservation    

Ausband, D., and K. R. Foresman 2007. Swift fox reintroductions on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Montana, USA. Biological Conservation, 136:423-430. (PDF)

Wildlife Diseases    

Holmes, B. E., K. R. Foresman, and M. R. Matchett. 2006. No evidence of persistent Yersinia pestis infection at prairie dog colonies in north-central Montana. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 42(1):164-169. (PDF)

Journal of Mammalogy    

Vinkey, R. S., M. K. Schwartz, K. S. McKelvey, K. R. Foresman, K. L. Pilgrim, and B. J. Giddings. 2006. When reintroductions are augmentations: the genetic legacy of the fisher (Martes pennanti) in Montana. Journal of Mammalogy 87(2):265-271. (PDF)

biology of shrews    

Foresman, K. R., and A. V. Badyaev. 2006. Developmental instability and the environment: why are some species better indicators of stress than others. Pages 267-274, In: Merritt, J. F., S. Churchfield, R. Hutterer, and B. A. Sheftel. (eds.). Advances in the biology of the shrews II. Special Publication of the International Society of Shrew Biologists, No. 01. (PDF)

American Naturalist    

Badyaev, A. V., Kerry R. Foresman, and Rebecca L. Young. 2005. Evolution of morphological integration: II. Developmental accommodation of stress-induced variation. The American Naturalist 166:382-395. (PDF)

Wildlife Society Bulliten    

Dullum, J. L. D., K. R. Foresman, and M. R. Matchett. 2005. Efficacy of translocations for restoring populations of black-tailed prairie dogs. Wildlife Society Bulletin 33:842-850. (PDF)

American Naturalist    

Badyaev, A., and K. R. Foresman. 2004. Evolution of morphological integration. I. Functional units channel stress-induced variation in shrew mandibles. The American Naturalist, 163:868-879.

Journal of Mammalogy    

Gillihan, S. W., and K. R. Foresman. 2004. Sorex vagrans. Mammalian Species No.744:1-5., American Society of Mammalogists. (PDF)


Badyaev, A. V., and K. R. Foresman. 2000. Extreme environmental change and evolution: stress-induced morphological variation is strongly concordant with patterns of evolutionary divergence in shrew mandibles. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 267:371-377. (PDF)

Canadian Field-Naturalist    

Foresman, K. R., and D. E. Pearson. 1999. Activity patterns of American Martens, Snowshoe Hares, and Red Squirrels in westcentral Montana. Canadian Field-Naturalist 113:386-389.

Canadian Field-Naturalist    

Foresman, K. R. 1999. Distribution of the pygmy shrew (Sorex hoyi) in Montana and Idaho. Canadian Field-Naturalist 113:681-683.

Ecological Cover    

Naughton, G. P., C. B. Henderson, R. L. McGraw, and K. R. Foresman. 2000. Long-toed salamanders (Ambystoma macrodactylum) in harvested and intact Douglas-fir forests in Western Montana. Ecological Applications 10:1681-1689.


Badyaev, A. V., K. R. Foresman, and M. V. Fernandes. 2000. Rapid environmental change and developmental stability: vegetative removal causes increased fluctuating asymmetry in free-living shrew populations. Ecology 81:336-345. (PDF)

Journal of Wildlife Management    

Foresman, K. R., and D. E. Pearson. 1998. Test of proposed survey methods for the detection of wolverine, lynx, fisher, and American marten in Bitterroot National Forest. Journal of Wildlife Management 62:1217-1226. (PDF)

biology of shrewsForesman, K. R. 1994. Comparative embryonic development in the Soricidae. In: Proceedings of the International Colloquium on the Biology of the Soricidae, Special Publication #16, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pp. 241-258.

Foresman, K. R. 1992. A morphometric comparison of the Masked shrew (Sorex cinereus) and Hayden's shrew (Sorex haydeni) in Montana and bordering states. Northwestern Naturalist 73:15-21.

Journal of Experimental ZoologyForesman, K. R. 1987. Uterine luminal proteins during the preimplantation period in the ferret. Journal of Experimental Zoology 243:103-109.

Foresman, K. R. 1987. Sorex hoyi in Idaho: a new state record. Murrelet 67:81-82.
Foresman, K. R., and P. M. Gagnon. 1983. Plasma protein profile as an index of pregnancy in the black bear (Ursus americanus). Symposium of the Sixth International Conference on Bear Research and Management, International Bear Association 6:221-224.
Foresman, K. R., and J. C. Daniel Jr. 1983. Plasma progesterone concentration of pregnant and non-pregnant black bears (Ursus americanus). Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 68:235-239.


Popp, R. A., K. R. Foresman, L. D. Wise, and J. C. Daniel, Jr. 1978. Amino acid sequence of a progesterone binding protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 75:5516-5519.

Biology of Reproduction    

Foresman, K. R., and R. A. Mead. 1978. Luteal control of nidation in the ferret (Mustela furo). Biology of Reproduction 18:490-496.

Biology of Reproduction    

Foresman, K. R., and R. A. Mead. 1974. Pattern of luteinizing hormone secretion during delayed implantation in the spotted skunk (Spilogale putorius latifrons). Biology of Reproduction 11:475-480.

Biology of Reproduction    

Foresman, K. R., J. J. Reeves, and R. A. Mead. 1974. Pituitary responsiveness to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in the spotted skunk (Spilogale putorius latifrons): Validation of LH radioimmunoassay. Biology of Reproduction 11:102-107.