Computing resources


We provide a high-memory, high-performance server to our users. Currently with 2TB of memory, 64 cores/128 threads and 200 TB of disk.


The following sevices are currently available:

Note Some of the links below are only available inside the University of Montana network or with VPN access.

System administration and Basic services

  • LDAP server for single sign-on or our services and on servers that we administer
  • Zabbix server monitoring
  • SQL database (PostgreSQL)

Bioinformatics and scientific computing

  • A galaxy server
  • SSH access (see below for how to access)
  • Jupyter notebooks with Python and R kernels (see below)
  • A very large set of software available via SSH and Galaxy. Also available as a network export

SSH access to group containers

SSH access is provided in an isolated Docker container per research group. To access it you need to SSH to a specific port in the core server.

This is the port information:

Group Port
Andrew 2224
Brandon 2232
Forest 2230
Gordon 2226
Jeff 2225
John 2223
Lila 2229
Matt 2233
Scott 2227
Travis 2231
Zac 2228
Ad-hoc 2240

You can SSH with:


Change your YOUR_GROUP_PORT and YOUR_USER accordingly

The above instructions work for Linux and Mac. For Windows, please check your client software.

Copying files

File copy is done via SFTP or SCP. Plain FTP is not available

Note that SCP uses -P (capital P) for the port. SSH uses (as shown above) -p (small p). Do not confuse both.

Access to Jupyter Notebooks

You need to create a SSH tunnel:

ssh -L443:localhost:443 -pYOUR_GROUP_PORT

Then point the your browser to


If you have off-site backups with us and are the designated backup adminstator you can login by doing:


YOUR_GROUP_PORT is as in section above. Note that the user is check.

(you will need to have a password issued seperately for this)