Lots of awards for DBS grad students

Graduate students in DBS are cleaning up on awards, grants, and fellowships! Tom Brekke won a Rosemary Grant Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution, one of only 15 - 20 given each year. He joins Angela Stathos as an award winner, so an excellent showing for OBE The highly competitive university-wide Besancon Award was given to Aaron Flesch this year. Three students won the coveted Bertha Morton award this year: one fellowship to Aaron Flesch and scholarships to Jennifer Palladini and Jennifer Smith. Ondi Crino won the sciences-wide competition for the Clancy Gordon Scholarship. Bret Klassen von Oorschot won a 3-year NSF predoctoral fellowship. this brings out current total to 5 ongoing NSF fellowships, plus one EPA and one NASA fellowship, for a total of 7 Fellows. That's nearly a quarter of all OBE students!