Alison Perkins

Alison Perkins

Adjunct Professor

Office: Don Anderson Hall 432

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Adjunct Professor Alison Perkins began teaching in 2010 with professional expertise in science communication, science education, evolutionary biology and ecology. 

She received her bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from the University of Missouri – Columbia.  Perkins holds a PhD in Forestry and Conservation from The University of Montana. She also received an MA in Radio/Television Production and an MS in Wildlife Biology from The University of Montana. 

Prior to teaching Perkins was an independent producer with Montana PBS and a media programmer. Perkins was the co-producer of Playing for the World: 1904 Fort Shaw Indian Girl’s Basketball Team which aired on PBS in 2009 and won the Northwest Emmy Award in writing; in 2006 she was the associate producer for Evelyn Cameron: Pictures from a Worthy Life, which aired on PBS and won the Northwest Emmy Award in documentary and Cine Golden Eagle Award and in 2003 she was the assistant producer for Really, Really Big Floods: The Student’s Story of Glacial Lake Missoula which one a Parent’s Choice Foundation Award. 

Cover of Evolution: Making Sense of Life

She is currently working with Carl Zimmer and Dr. Doug Emlen developing the pedagogy for the textbook Evolution: Making Sense of Life. In addition, she is writing the study guide for Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evolution with Carl Zimmer.

She also is Principle Investigator for Science Source, a National Science Foundation grant to the School of Journalism. The grant is designed to test the efficacy of a news service that produces environmental science stories for reaching underserved and underrepresented audiences ( As part of the grant, she is developing a documentary about environmental justice and natural resources on Montana's Indian reservations.

Systems Ecology Title

Adjunct Instructor, Science Communications