Creagh Breuner

Creagh Breuner

Associate Dean / Professor

Home Department: Biological Sciences
Office: HS 105

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Current Position

Professor, Organismal Biology and Ecology and Wildlife Biology


Bachelors of Science: University of Washington, 1991

PhD: University of Washington, 1998

Research Interests

Animals live in rapidly changing and unpredictable environments. My research focuses on the behavioral and physiological changes that occur in response to unpredictable events (stressors), the hormonal and cellular mechanisms that underlie these changes, and the ecological repercussions of these changes for animals in their natural environment. I focus my studies on the adrenocortical response to stress, and the behavioral and cellular actions of glucocorticoids.

Field of Study

Behavioral Endocrinology

Selected Publications

Berk, SA, JR McGettrick, WK Hansen, and CW Breuner (2016) Methodological considerations for measuring glucocorticoid metabolites in feathers. Conservation Physiology 4(1): cow020; doi:10.1093/conphys/cow020.

Hansen, WH, Bate, LJ, Landry, D., Chastel, O, Parenteau, C, Breuner, CW (2016) Feather and faecal corticosterone concentrations predict future reproductive decision in harlequin ducks (Histrionicus histrionicus) Conservation Physiology 4(1): cow015 doi: 10.1093/conphys/cow015

Lattin, CR, CW Breuner, and LM Romero (2016) Do corticosteroids delay breeding onset in free-living vertebrates?: Evidence from hormone titers, negative feedback, plasma binding proteins, enzymes and receptors.  Hormones and Behavior 78:107-120

Crino, OL and CW Breuner (2015) Developmental stress: evidence for positive phenotypic and fitness effects in birds. Journal of Ornithology DOI: 10.1007/s10336-015-1236-z

Zylberberg, M, EP Derryberry, CW Breuner, EA Macdougall-Shackleton, JM Cornelius, and TP Hahn (2015) Haemoproteus infected birds have increased lifetime reproductive success Parasitology 142:1033-1043

Crino, OL, CT Prather, SC Driscoll, JM Good, and CW Breuner (2014) Developmental stress increases reproductive success in male zebra finches Proceedings of the Royal Society, B 281:20141266;; this paper was highlighted at

Crino, OL, SC Driscoll, R Ton, and CW Breuner (2014) Corticosterone exposure during development improves performance on a novel foraging task in zebra finches.  Animal Behavior 91:27-32

Cornelius, JM, M Zylberberg, CW Breuner, and TP Hahn (2014) Assessing the role of reproduction and stress in the spring emergence of Haematozoan parasites in birds.  Journal of Experimental Biology 217:841-849

Crino, OL, SC Driscoll, and CW Breuner (2014) Developmental stress has sustained but not lifelong effects on body size and total and free corticosterone responses in the zebra finch.  General and Comparative Endocrinology 196:123-129

Patterson, SH, TP Hahn, JM Cornelius, and CW Breuner (2014) Natural selection and glucocorticoid physiology.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology doi: 10.1111/jeb.12286

Cornelius, JM, T Boswell, S. Jenni-Eiermann, CW Breuner, M Ramenofsky (2013) Contributions of endocrinology to the migration life history of birds General and Comparative Endocrinology190; 47-60

Crino, O, EE Johnson, JL Blickley, GL Patricelli*, and CW Breuner*  (2013) The effects of experimentally elevated traffic noise on nestling white-crowned sparrow physiology, immune function and life-history  Journal of Experimental Biology 216; 2055-2062  *co-principal investigators

Breuner, CW, RS Sprague, SH Patterson, and HA Woods (2013) Environment, Physiology and Behavior:  can birds use barometric pressure to predict storms?  Journal of Experimental Biology 216:1982-1990; doi:10.1242/jeb.081067; Inside JEB column concerning this research: doi: 10.1242/jeb.088740

Breuner, CW, B Delehanty and R Boonstra (2013).  Current problems in quantifying stress in natural populations of vertebrates: total CORT is not good enough.  Functional Ecology 27: 24-36;  DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12016

Cornelius, J., C Breuner and T Hahn (2012). Coping with the extremes:  Stress physiology varies among winter and summer in breeding opportunists. Biology Letters 8:312-315 doi:10.1098/rsbl.2011.0865

Lattin, CR, K Waldron-Francis, JW Richardson, R de Bruijn, CM Bauer, CW Breuner and LM Romero (2012).  Pharmacological characterization of intracellular glucocorticoid receptors in nine house sparrow tissues.  General and Comparative Endocrinology 179: 214-220

Crino, OL, B Klaassen Van Oorschot, Johnson, EE, JL Malisch and CW Breuner (2011) Proximity to a high traffic road:  Glucocorticoid and life history consequences for nestling white-crowned sparrows.  General and Comparative Endocrinology 173; 323-332

Cornelius, JM, N Perfito, R Zaun, CW Breuner, and TP Hahn (2011) Physiological trade-offs in self-maintenance: plumage molt and stress physiology in birds.  Journal of Experimental Biology214: 2768-2777

Patterson, SH, DW Winkler, and CW Breuner (2011) Glucocorticoids, individual quality and reproductive investment in a passerine bird.  Animal Behavior  81:1239-1247

Whitman, BA, CW Breuner, and AM Dufty, Jr. (2011)  The effects of neonatal handling on adrenocortical responsiveness, morphological development and corticosteroid binding globulin in nestling American kestrels (Falco sparveriusGeneral and Comparative Endocrinology 172: 260-267

Wada, H and CW Breuner (2010)  Developmental changes in neural corticosteroid receptor binding capacity in altricial nestlings  Developmental Neurobiology  277: 2399-2404

Breuner, CW (2010) Stress and Reproduction in Birds.  In: DO Norris (Ed.) Hormones and Reproduction in Vertebrates.  Vol 4, chapter 5; Elsevier, Oxford

Cornelius, JM, CW Breuner and TP Hahn (2010)  Under a neighbour’s influence: public information affects stress hormones and behavior of a songbird.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277: 2399-2404

Schmidt, KS, JL Malisch, CW Breuner* and KK Soma* (2010) Corticosterone and cortisol binding sites in plasma, immune organs and brain of developing zebra finches: intracellular and membrane-associated receptors Brain, Behavior and Immunity 24:908-918                                                                 *co-principal investigators

Sprague, RS and CW Breuner (2010) Timing of fledging is influenced by glucocorticoid physiology in Laysan albatross chicks Hormones and Behavior  58: 297-305

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