LARC History, since 2005

LARC History, since 2005

September 27
Dr. Ona Renner-Fahey, Assoc. Prof. of Russian (MCLL): "The Wood Sprite as Modernist Nostalgia for Old Russia.”

October 25
Dr. Quan Ha, Assist. Prof. of English: "Lan Cao's Monkey Bridge and Problematic Representations of History."

February 21
Robert Knapp, M.A. in Literature Candidate: Orphic Ecology: A Reading of Ovid and Robert Duncan

Jeremy Reed, M.A. in Literature Candidate:"A Both/And Reading Event: The Mystic Shift in David Foster Wallace's The Pale King"

March 14
Cristelle Maury, Visiting Professor of English (Universite de Toulouse): "Film noir and comedy: an aesthetic of jarring and laughing chaos"

April 25
Rob Browning, Visiting Professor of English: "Anna Letitia Barbauld’s 'A Summer Evening’s Meditation' and the Cosmic Voyage Since Paradise Lost"

October 26
Katie Kane ( Associate Professor of English): Palestine on the Ground: Zionism and the Reduction of the West Bank.

November 16
Benedicte Boisseron (Associate Professor of French, MCLL): "After Jacques Derrida: The Creole Animal Question."

February 8
Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey (M.A. Literature candidate:"Assertions of Individuality at the Scaffold: Executions of Tudor Nobility.

March 1
Robert Seidman (Visiting Scholar): "The Pleasures and Challenges of Joyce's Ulysses.