Montana Medieval Roundup: 2019

Montana medieval Roundup 2019

The Montana Medieval Roundup is a conference on Medieval Studies in the American West. This year’s iteration will take place from Thursday, August 8th, to Friday, August 9th in the Mansfield Library Theta Rho Reading Room.

This conference is made possible in part by the funding of the UM Graduate School.

Conference Program

Wednesday, August 7th

Welcome Gathering for a cocktail around 8: Dram Shop or Montgomery Distillery

Thursday, August 8th

9:00-10:30: Introductions; Paper Session 1

  • Sarah Noonan (St. Mary’s): "Scribal Systems of Punctuation and the Creative Voicing of Late Medieval Devotional Literature"
  • Georgiana Donavin (Westminster College): “The Hortus Conclusus in John Gower's Poetry”

Coffee Break: 10:30-11

11-12:30: Paper Session 2

  • Jennifer Jahner (Cal Tech): “Medieval materia medica in the American West”
  • Tarren Andrews (UC-Boulder): “The Logics of Possession: a comparative consideration of settler colonialism in domesday and Dawes”

12:30-2: Lunch at Food Zoo sponsored by the UM Graduate School

2-3:30: Paper Session 3

  • Christina Di Gangi (Dawson C.C., Montana):  "Collusioun in Lydgate's Antifeminist Poetic"
  • Bridget Whearty (SUNY-Binghamton): “Glitch—scribal perspectives on digital errors”

Coffee Break: 3:30-4

4-5:30: Paper Session 4

  • Sarah Harlan-Haughey (Univ. of Maine): “Translating brutality: Liver-Eatin' Johnson and Corineus”
  • Rachel Smith (University of Montana): “Slidynge Science: Bitcoin Mining and "The Canon's Yeoman's Tale”

Dinner at 6:30pm

  • Hosted by Kay Beideger, Sarah’s Missoula Aunt: 1580 Stanley, Missoula
  • *Please bring a beer, wine, or drinks of your choice.

Friday, August 9th

9-10: Visit to Special Collections

10-11:30: Paper Session 5

  • Cynthia Camp (University of Georgia): “Burning Wood”
  • Briana Wipf (Pittsburgh): “Because God Wanted One United People”: The Rhetoric of Separation in The Chronicle of Hutterian Brethren”


Transport to the Flathead Reservation / CSKT Cultural Center: we will combine into the fewest vehicles possible for the 45 minute drive to the Longhouse

2-3: Salish Language Recovery Project (at CSKT Longhouse)

3-4: Tour of Old Mission Church

4-6: Free time

Free time for those who might want to drive the lower road of the Bison range, take a visit to Ninepipes Bird Refuge, or hike on the trail toward Lucifer Lake (entrance fees apply).

Dinner at 6

Dinner in St. Ignatius at Tarren’s home; co-sponsored by the UM Graduate School.