All students meet with Morgan Curtin in the Humanities and Sciences Academic Advising Center, Liberal Arts 133. Students with a concentration in English Teaching work with both Morgan Curtin and Beverly Chin, Director of English Teaching.

You should plan to meet with your advisor at least once a semester (typically during the advising weeks in October and April) in order to discuss strategies for fulfilling your General Education requirements, your foreign language requirements, and, of course, your coursework within the English major. These meetings require your active and informed involvement, as well, so do plan to arrive with questions and some sense of a plan for your subsequent semesters. Your advisor will also give you your advising number at this meeting so that you will be able to enroll for classes on Cyberbear when your appointed time ticket arrives.

Students may elect to change advisors at any time for any reason, and may also consult with the Morgan Curtin in Liberal Arts 133 at any time, as well. You can make an appointment with her on Starfish or contact her at and (406) 243-2149.

Directions to Make a Starfish Appointment

  1. Go into Cyberbear
  2. Click on the top Student Services link
  3. At the bottom on the left select Starfish
  4. Choose My Success Network
  5. H&S Academic Advising Center
  6. Morgan Curtin green arrow drop-down box: Schedule