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Cheyenne Laue

Cheyenne Laue

Office: SS 206

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Current Position

PhD Candidate, Course Instructor


ANTY 213, Introduction to Physical Anthropology Laboratory

Personal Summary

I use computer modelling to examine the evolution of culture and technology in human societies. My current projects, conducted in collaboration with the Montana EvoTech Research Group, include: applying the nearly neutral theory of molecular evolution to the study of technological change, examining the evolution of specialization and cultural complexity in human culture, using fitness landscapes to think about cultural and technological evolution, examining the relationship between spatial and temporal environmental variation and technological evolution.

Ongoing personal projects include computational ethnographic approaches to studying the meaning of artifical life and computer simulation, auoethnographic approaches to understanding human/ non-human relationships, and the implications of gender in human/ technology interactions.

I am currently supported by a P.E.O. Scholar Award, a Bertha Morton Award, and a Graduate Teaching Award from the UM Department of Anthropology.


B.A. / M.A. Anthropology, University of Montana

B.A. Psychology, University of Montana


Research Interests

Human/ technology interactions, computer modeling, complex systems, cultural evolution.


Neutral cultural evolution, emergence of cultural complexity, cultural transmission theory, computational ethnography.


Field of Study

Computational Anthropology


Laue, Cheyenne L. (2017). Familiar and Strange: Gender, Sex, and Love in the Uncanny Valley. Multimodal Technologies and Interactions.1, 2.

Laue, Cheyenne L. (2015). Considering the Effects of Gender in Child – robot Interaction
Studies. Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills. 120(1): 336-342.

Laue, Cheyenne L., Weix, G.G. (2015). Ethnography for a Global Century. Cognella Academic

Teaching Experience

ANTY 250, Culture and Society

CJUS 125, Fundamentals of Forensic Science

CJUS 488, Forensic Science Beyond the Crime Lab

CSCI 213, Robotics, Genetic Engineering, Ethics

ANTY 213, Introduction to Physical Anthropology Laboratory


Montana EvoTech Research Group


Director of Girls Get Coding!, a Montana non-profit dedicated to providing STEM mentorship and programming instruction for elementary school girls.