Earth Week Events

Earth Service Week: April 18-26, 2020

Earth Service Week -- April 18-26    Special Earth Message here 

In order to care for our community and the Earth, we will celebrate differently this year.

For those who are healthy,  pick your own time and place and action to give back to the Earth & your community. Pick up/recycle litter, put in a garden, build a bird house, take a walk with your family, thank a tree, let your neighbors know you are there for them if they need you. Maintain a healthy distance from others and wash your hands often.

Think about how you can work for a positive future for all--for healthy people and a healthy planet.

More ideas for safe local actions added as suggested. Keep checking back. MORE INFO BELOW THE LIST.

More information: 

  • Clark Fork River Cleanup -- pick your own time and place to clean up our watershed -- pick up/recycle litter along the river or in your own neighborhood. Wear gloves & maintain a safe distance from others.  Email pictures to the Clark Fork Coalition. Or post your pix at this national site
  • Bitterroot River Cleanup -- Bitterroot Water Forum provides reusable litter bags at river access sites (listed here). Dispose of the litter properly and keep that bag for your future watershed cleanup efforts. Share your pictures on social media and tag @brwaterforum and use #BitterrootRiverCleanUp to enter our photo contest. 
  • Flathead Lake DIY Mussel Walk -- instructions here. pick a beautiful day; go to your favorite Flathead lake beach, and look for evidence of invasive mussels and report what you find. Maintain a safe distance from others.
  • Walk Through Time from Stardust to Us. Imagine taking a walk in which every step takes you back in time a million years. This exhibit has 90 colorful panels that show how the Earth was created and then transformed by life into our beautiful home. UM's exhibit is one of only three in the world. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display it this Earth Day. Perhaps this summer.  See exhibit online.... This is how it looked on the UM Oval in 2019
  • Garden planning/planting -- assistance in installing gardens provided by 1000 New Gardens is postponed until fall. However start a small garden on your own. Or grow plants in pots. Good Food Store & Ace Hardware have seeds. Caras Nursery has bedding plants. Missoula County Extension gives garden advice by phone or email.
  • April 24 --Arbor Day: Visit your favorite tree and thank it. The Montana Arboretum on the UM campus has many new trees, and soon there will be a tree guide 'app' with info on the arboretum trees and Missoula's trees.
  •  April 25 --Victor Community Garden Day,  10-3. Call Jill 406-360-175
  • April 25 -- Training for Volunteers to help with Missoula farmers markets POSTPONED (volunteers will help with social distancing packing/delivering produce to those who can't come to market).  For more info, contact Kirsten
  • Ecopentathalon: Bike/walk/bus to help at any 4 of the above events.  email Vicki  for more info
  •  Missoula Urban Demonstration Project suggests 10 actions described here.
  • Learn about Seeking Sustainability efforts of UM & Missoula archived in videos here. 
  • MORE TO COME (we hope)
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