Seeking Sustainability Lecture/Action Series

UM's Seeking Sustainability Lecture Series of 2020 & 2021

UM's Seeking Sustainability Lecture/Action Series of 2020 celebrated the 50th birthdays of Earth Day and the UM Environmental Studies program by featuring program alumni and local groups working to move the Missoula community towards sustainability. Recorded lectures from 2020 are available on Scholarworks here, and 2020 speakers are listed at the bottom of this page.

 In 2021, some of the 2020 speakers are returning to give updates on how their programs adapted to the pandemic & continue making progress. Below is the 2021 schedule of Zoom meetings Thursdays at 7pm. Free and open to the public. Available for credit to UM students.

2021 Seeking Sustainability lecture schedule

Schedule shows which recorded lectures from 2020 to watch before zoom meeting at 7pm.

     2020 Recordings here:

     2021 Zoom link:

1/21: Sustainability at UM AND in Missoula:  Eva Rocke --UM Sustainability Office; Diana Maneta, Missoula County sustainability coordinator; UM Dining update.  based on first 2 recordings from 2020

1/28: Family Planning for Sustainability; see also 8 Billion Angels. Vicki Watson, EVST; Beth Hubble, Blue Mountain Clinic.

2/4: Sustainable Transportation: Dave Strohmaier, Msla County Commissioner; Dan Gundlach, ASUM Transportation; Bob Giordano, Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transporation/FreeCycles

2/11: Sustainable Food –  Bianca Jensen, 1000 New Gardens; Dan Prather, Western MT Growers Coop

2/18: Sustaining water & air: John Dearment/ Clark Fork Coalition; Vicki Watson, UM & CFKRBC

2/25: Sustainable energy & efficiency: Brian Kerns, UM Facility Services; Andrew Valainis, MT Renewable Energy Assn; Dan Carlino, Sunrise Missoula

3/4: no class at UM

3/11: Zero waste – Katie Deuel & Sarah Lundquist, Home Resource; Sarah Nesci, Recycling Works; Sean Doty,  Msla Compost Collection; Caitlin Lewis, Soil Cycle

3/18: Restoring/sustaining ecosystems/economies –Paul Parsons, Trout Unlimited; Amy Sacry, Geum Environmental; Pedro Marquez, Big Hole Watershed Committee

3/25: Sustainable Business Strategies – Suzanne Tilleman & Kent Swift, UM Sustainable Business      

4/1 – no class planned at this time.

4/8: Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Sustainability AND Faith Community seeks Sustainability -- no speakers available: we'll discuss both of these recorded presentations

4/15: Sustainable Shelter– hope to tour Green buildings at UM and in Missoula.

4/22 – Earth Day – participate in Earth Day activities.  Special video here.

For more information, email instructor Vicki Watson, Environmental Studies

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2020 Seeking Sustainability Speakers & Topics

(note – Environmental Studies alumni, faculty & students are in bold italics)

1/16: Sustainability at UM –  UM Sustainability Office/Waste minimization/Eva Rocke, Derek Kanwischer, Maddy Jones; UM Facilities Services:  Green buildings/Jameel Chaudhry; energy efficiency/Brian Kerns; UM Dining /Stasia Orkwiszewski; ASUM Transportation/Dan Gundlach;   

1/23: Sustainability in Missoula -- moderator Kaitlin McCafferty, Missoula Planning Office;  Missoula City/County sustainability coordinators (Diana Maneta & Chase Jones);

1/30: Sustainable Shelter–Homeword/Andrea Davis; Providence/St Patrick’s/Beth Schenk;  MMW Architects/Jessica Proctor; CT Architects/Todd Schaper; Msla College Sustainable Construction/John Freer

2/6: Sustainable Transportation—Msla Institute for Sustainable Transportation/FreeCycles/Bob Giordano, Msla Planning/Missoula in Motion/Jon Sand), UM transportation/Jordan Hess; Dave Strohmaier, Msla County Commissioner

2/13: Sustainable Food –  moderator Neva Hassanein/UM EVST; Community Food & Ag Coalition/Mary Ellis; Garden City Harvest/Ethan Smith; W MT Farmers Coop/Brittany Palmer; Awesome Acres Farm/Larry Neskey

2/20: Sustaining water & air – moderator Shannon Therrialt, Msla Health Dept/Ben Schmidt, air quality, Travis Ross water quality, CF Coalition/John Dearment, Earthworks/Bonnie Gestring, CFK Basin Council/Dave Shively

2/27: Sustainable energy & efficiency–moderator Peter McDonough/UM; Climate Smart/Amy Cilimburg; MT Renewable Energy/Andrew Valanais; Sunrise/350/Dan Carlino; Sierra/Caitlin Piserchia

3/5: Zero waste – Home Resource/Katie Deuel; MUD/Casey Valencia; Recycling Works/MIC /Sarah Nesci; Msla Compost Collection/Sean Doty; Soil Cycle/Caitlyn Lewis;

3/12: Restoring/sustaining ecosystems/economies – Big Hole Watershed Com/Pedro Marques; Trout Unlimited/Paul Parsons; Geum Environmental/Amy Sacry; Blackfoot Challenge/ Seth Wilson

3/26: Faith Community seeks sustainability – moderator,  Dan Spencer/ UM EVST; Faith & Climate Action/Sydney Bollinger, Emmaus Campus Ministry/John Lund, Missoula Interfaith Collaborative/Rebecca Pettit; Unitarian Fellowship/Open Way Sangha (Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism)/ Greg Grallo

4/2: Sustainable Business Strategies – Suzanne Tilleman & Kent Swift/UM Sustainable Business program.     

4/9: Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Sustainability—moderator, Rosalyn LaPier/UM EVST, Rose Bear Don't Walk/UM EVST, Ranalda Tsosie/UM Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Studies

4/16: Family Planning for Sustainability– moderator,  V Watson;  UM Women’s Resource Center/ Lia Volpa;  Blue Mountain Clinic/Beth Hubble.

For more info, email Organizer and Instructor:  Vicki Watson

MCAT filmer: Ron Scholl filmed first 9 lectures (before a live audience)

Zoom wrangler: Sydney Bollingerlast 4 lectures were offered via zoom.

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