Environmental and Nature Writing Certificate

Environmental and Nature Writing Certificate

The Certificate in Environmental and Nature Writing (ENW) offers students multiple course opportunities to practice and improve their understanding of and skills in writing about nature and the environment, as well as in evaluating and critiquing such writing.  It provides hands-on internship experiences with a biannual environmental literary journal and an annual community reading series, both run by EVST graduate students and advised by EVST faculty.

Degree specific credits: 12

Required Courses (9cr): 

ENST 335: The Environmental Vision, 3 cr

ENST 373: Nature Works, 3cr

ENST 398: Cooperative Education Internship, Camas Magazine / Wild Mercy Reading Series, 3cr

Approved Electives (3cr):

ENST 320: Earth Ethics, 3cr

ENST 430: Culture and Agriculture, 3cr

ENST 573: Environmental Writing (SR level with 3.0 GPA and instructor permission), 3cr

ENST 594: Visiting Writer in EVST (SR level with 3.0 GPA and instructor permission), 3cr

COMX 347: Rhetoric, Nature, and Environmentalism, 3cr

ENCR 212:  Intro to Nonfiction Writing, 3cr  

ENCR 312: Intermediate Nonfiction Writing, 3cr

ENCR 412: Advanced Nonfiction Writing, 3cr

JOUR 170: Elements of News Writing, 3cr

GPA Requirements:  Students must achieve at least an overall grade point average of 3.0 for courses within the certificate program. The certificate will only be awarded upon the successful completion of all requirements and the attainment of an undergraduate degree.