Environmental Studies Faculty

Caroline Stephens

Caroline Stephens

PEAS Farm Lecturer

Office: JRH 102
Email: caroline.stephens@mso.umt.edu
Office Hours:

Office hours are by appointment only, either up at the PEAS Farm or at my office in Rankin Hall.

Personal Summary

Caroline was raised in the bluegrass region of Kentucky. She got her introduction to farming back in Kentucky and then moved to Missoula to pursue her M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana, where her research addressed the history of drought management on grain farms in central Montana. After graduate school, she managed vegetable production at Foothill Farm. She and her wife also serve as caretakers at the Moon-Randolph Homestead in Missoula. Today, she is happy to be farming alongside UM students at the PEAS Farm. Off the farm, she loves skiing, walking, and biking in the mountains and making food for friends and family. 

Brief Bio

Farming is an act of critical engagement with the non-human world. As students engage with farming, it's easy to ask big questions--what does good work look like? how do we nourish ourselves and our communities? how do we build a reciprocal relationship with the natural world? how do we build soil that is resilient to climate change? That's what I love about farming, and about teaching farming to college students. My background is both as farmer, educator, and researcher. I earned my B.A. at Centre College in Kentucky. At about the same time I started farming by volunteering for vegetables at a nearby farm. Since then, I have taught farming to people of all ages, and have worked at and managed farms in both Kentucky and Montana. I hold an M.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana where I focused my graduate work on agriculture, food systems, and creative writing. My graduate thesis adressed the history and practice of drought adaptation among organic and conventional grain farmers in Central Montana. In addition to my work at the PEAS Farm, I also manage the Moon-Randolph Homestead, a public, historic homestead owned by the City of Missoula. I hope you will consider spending a semester (or three!) on our student crew at the PEAS Farm!