Financial Aid & Thesis Research Funding

Several forms of financial aid are available through the Department. We support some graduate students with teaching assistantships (TAs) made available by the Graduate School. These TAs are generally awarded to incoming students based on merit and, with satisfactory performance, continued for a second year for M.S. students and, occasionally, a third year for Ph.D. students. Research assistantships, off-campus internships, or other awards in lieu of the TA will not change the total number of semesters of the initial award for students (four semesters for M.S. or six semesters for Ph.D.). All remaining semesters of TA support will be forfeited if a student resigns a TA position without first receiving written permission from the Chair to return to the TA position. Other funding opportunities, including occasional one-semester teaching assistantships, are advertised within the Department. Through their grants and contracts, faculty members may also provide research assistantships or research funds to graduate students. The number of research assistantships varies considerably from year to year; the allocation of research funds is the responsibility of the funded faculty member. Graduate support from external fellowships and scholarships is available from a large number of agencies and organizations.