Faculty Research

We grouped ourselves by sub-discipline but there's lots of crossover. We regularly work with each other, our students, colleagues in other departments, and on multi-disciplinary projects.

Payton Gardner Assistant Professor

Office: CHCB 353
Email: payton.gardner@umontana.edu

Joel T. Harper Professor

Office: ISB 406C
Email: joel@mso.umt.edu

Nancy W. Hinman Professor

Office: CHCB 316A
Email: nancy.hinman@umontana.edu
Fax: 406-243-4028

Marco P. Maneta Associate Professor

Office: CHCB 317
Email: marco.maneta@umontana.edu

Andrew C. Wilcox Professor

Office: CHCB 357
Email: andrew.wilcox@umontana.edu

Julie Baldwin Associate Dean / Professor

Office: CHCB 307; LA 136A
Email: jbaldwin@mso.umt.edu
Fax: (406) 243-4028

Marc S. Hendrix Professor, Department Chair

Office: CHCB 359
Email: marc.hendrix@umontana.edu
Fax: (406) 243-4028

Michael Hofmann Ph.D., The University of Montana, 2005

Office: CHCB 372
Email: michael.hofmann@umontana.edu

Hilary R. Martens Assistant Professor

Office: CHCB 329/330
Email: hilary.martens@umontana.edu

James W. Sears Ph.D., Queen's University, 1979

Office: CHCB 362
Email: james.sears@umontana.edu