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The GPH minor requires completion of 21 credits, at least 9 of which must be at the upper-division (300+) level. Students must complete one required social-science course (PSCI 377, Global Health Issues) and one required science course (BIOM 227, Vectors and Parasites). Students must complete a minimum of 9 credits or 3 additional Core Electives from the Core Electives list, some of which are offered biannually. Additionally, students must complete a minimum of 6 credits or 2 Content Electives from the Content Electives list.

Students must take all core electives from the University of Montana’s curriculum, but can receive content credit for relevant practicum and internships experience and for relevant courses taken at other universities if approved by the program director.

To enroll, please contact the program director. One semester prior to graduation, the program director must approve and sign the student’s graduation plan. Students are asked to complete a written exit interview for the purpose of program assessment.


Required Courses

PSCI 377:  Issues in Global Public Health

BIOM 227:  Vectors and Parasites

Core Electives

No more than 6 credits from any one discipline

AHHS 430: Health Aspects of Aging

ANTY 126: Anthropology and Global Health

ANTY 349: Social Change in Non-Western Societies

ANTY 426: Culture, Health and Healing

BIOM 250: Microbiology for Health Sciences

BIOM 427/428: General Parasitology/Lab

BIOM 460: Ecology of Infectious Diseases

CHTH 355: Theory and Practice of Community Health Education

CHTH 414 Health & Culture: A Global Perspective

CHTH 445: Program Planning for Community Health

COMX 425: Communication in Health Organizations

COMX 480 Health Communication

ECNS 310: Intro to Health Economics

GPHY 468/469: Community and Regional Analysis/Lab

IDS 497-01 Monitoring & Evaluation in Intl. Development

IDS 497-02 Communication for Social & Behavior Change

PHARM 320: (2cr.): American Indian Health Issues

PHARM 391: (Online) Special Topics: Intro to Public Health Genetics

PHIL 321E: Philosophy & Biomedical Ethics

PSCI 431: Politics of Global Migration

PSCI 463: Development Administration

PUBH 155 Re-imagining Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives

SOCI 355: Population and Society

SW 465: Social Work in a Global Context

THTR 385: Theater of Social Justice

Content Electives


ANTY 333 - Culture and Population

ANTY 402 - Quantitative Ethnographic Methods

ANTY 418 - Evolution and Genetic Variations in Human Populations

ANTY 422 - Mind, Culture and Society

ANTY 431 - Ethnographic Field Methods

ANTY 432 - Anthropology & Clinical Perspectives on Global Health

ANTY 435 - Drugs, Culture and Society


BIOB 130N - Evolution and Society

BIOH 112 - Human Form and Function I

BIOH 113 - Human Form and Function II

BIOH 462 - Principles of Medical Physiology

BIOM 402 -Medical Bacteriology & Mycology

BIOM 435 - Virology

Communication Studies

COMX 204X - International and Development Communication

COMX 415 - Intercultural Communication

COMM 485 - Communication and Health


ECNS 217X - Issues in Economic Development


GPHY 121 - Human Geography

GPHY 434 - Food and Famine

Health and Human Performance

HTH 430 - Health & the Mind, Body, Spirit Relationship

Native American Studies

NASX 303 - Ecological Perspectives of Native American Traditions

NASX 304 - Native American Beliefs and Philosophy


NUTR 221N - Basic Human Nutrition

Political Science

PSCI 324 - Sustainable Climate Policy: China and the USA

PSCI 326 - Politics of Africa

PSCI 348 - Multicultural Politics in the United States

PSCI 448 - Health Care Policy


PSYX 362 -Multicultural Psychology

Public Health

PUBH 498 - Global Public Health Internship- 1 to 6 credits

Social Work

SW 300 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment

SW 310 - Social Welfare Policies and Services

SW 323 - Women and Social Action in the Americas

SW 324 - Gender and the Politics of Welfare

SW 410E - Social Work Ethics

SW 455S - Social Gerontology

SW 475 - Death, Dying and Grief


SOCI 332 - Sociology of the Family

SOCI 471 - Gender and Global Development

SOCI 443 - Sociology of Poverty

Women's and Gender Studies

WGSS 263S - Social and Political Perspectives on Women, Men, and Sexuality