Kirsten Tucker

Kirsten Tucker


Kirsten Tucker, a GPH minor majoring in human biology and pre-med was awarded the External Advisory Committee Award for her volunteer service learning trip to the Iganga District Hospital, Uganda, with the Global Grizzlies.

“During my time in Uganda, I learned about their health care system, and about how they are able to provide healthcare to the entire district with very limited resources. I gained once in a lifetime experiences, and it was in part due to the support and education provided by the Global Public Health Program.” Kirsten stayed for 8 weeks after the Global Grizzlies left.

“Growing up, I was always interested in the healthcare field. I was first introduced to global health when my family adopted my younger brother from China. He was born with a cleft lip, and a team of US doctors fixed his lip and gave him a chance at life. Then, after graduating high school I was able to travel to Guatemala for a week. This introduced me to their healthcare system, and to the areas in which it needs to be improved. Combined, these experiences made me realize the importance of public health, especially in global setting. So, when I found out that the University of Montana offered Global Public Health as a minor, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

My goals are to graduate this spring and then apply to medical school. As a doc-tor, I plan on working both domestically and globally. The Global Public Health minor will provide me with the knowledge and cultural understanding needed to be successful in my future goals.

As a Global Public Health minor I have had my world view expanded, and my eyes opened to global issues and their complexities. I have also been equipped to begin to unravel those complexities and succeed with my goals. I am excited to continue my education this year and continue my growth within Global Public Health!”