Vascular Plant Collections

The MONTU vascular plant collection represents over 100 years of botanical research in Montana and contains hundreds of specimens from important early collectors, including C. Bessey, F. D. Kelsey, Marcus Jones and W. N. Suksdorf. The UM Herbarium has a rich history, but its greatest strength lies in more recent collections: over 20,000 (28%) of the Montana vascular plant specimens were collected in the past 30 years by Prof. Klaus Lackschewitz or Peter Lesica. These newer specimens have location data accurate to the nearest square mile, which makes them a particularly useful resource for ecological and biogeographical studies.

Search the vascular plant collection by visiting the Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria.  Select Specimen Data, then choose Vascular Plants for Taxonomy, and the University of Montana Herbarium (MONTU) as the Herbaria to Search.  Label information is available for MONTU's entire Montana vascular collection.  Many records include high-resolution images.