Mission Statement

The University of Montana Herbarium (MONTU), a unit of the Division of Biological Sciences of The University of Montana, is committed to the collection and preservation of botanical specimens for research, teaching, and community outreach.

MONTU maintains a permanent research collection for researchers within the University, and it is available to the scientific community at large. Specimens are acquired from and loaned for research purposes by exchange programs to herbaria throughout North America and other parts of the world. Also, a teaching collection is maintained for use in courses at the University. Community outreach is conducted in part through cooperation with the Montana Native Plant Society.

The primary focus of the herbarium is to continue to assemble and maintain a collection of the flora of the western cordillera and Great Plains, including those circumboreal genera with representatives in this region.

MONTU is the primary herbarium in North American for this region, and as an important herbarium in the Pacific Northwest it is the major repository of botanical specimens for researchers at The University of Montana, independent researchers, The Nature Conservancy, Montana Natural Heritage Program, and the U.S. Forest Service. MONTU acts as the primary reference and data source in the region for these and other agencies.

Interested in submitting plants to the herbarium for accession into MONTU's catalog?  Please contact the curator for current guidelines.

purple flower

red flowers