Loan Conditions

Loans are temporary physical transfers of specimens or objects from one institution or individual to another where there is no transfer of ownership. The University of Montana Zoological Museum and Herbarium make or receive loans for the purpose of research, exhibition, or education.

Loaning or borrowing is undertaken only under the terms of a loan agreement which 1)forms a contract between lender and borrower and 2) specifies terms and conditions of the loan including the responsibilities of each party. The standard loan agreement forms used by the Herbarium are used for all outgoing loans, and are available by contacting the Curator.

The Herbarium, at the Curator's discretion, may lend items to responsible institutions or to subdivisions of the University of Montana. Loans to individuals are generally discouraged.

Institutional loans are preferred for greater safekeeping and for the increased likelihood that the specimens will be returned should something happen to the borrower or if the borrower keeps the loan past the due date.

white mariposa

white zygven