Herbarium Use Policy

  1. All persons using the herbarium shall first secure the permission of the herbarium Director or the Collections Manager.
  2. All persons using the herbarium shall first read an then agree to abide by the rules governing use of this collection.
  3. All persons using the herbarium shall sign the visitors registration book.
  4. Food and drink are not to be brought into the herbarium.
  5. Specimens shall not be left out of the cases overnight. Researchers working in the herbarium for more than one day may be assigned overnight storage space upon request to the Collections Manager.
  6. Cases shall be tightly closed after the removal of specimens. In no instances are case doors to be left open for an extended period of time.
  7. All plant material entering the herbarium shall undergo treatment to kill insect pests. The method of treatment shall be approved by the Collections Manager.
  8. Floras and other aids for the identification of specimens shall not to be removed from the herbarium without permission of the Collections Manager.
  9. All scrap and waste paper generated by the visitor shall be placed in a proper trash receptacle.
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