HI Supported Projects

Faculty Research Grants


  • Erin Costello Wecker, Associate Professor/English: "The Presistent Agitator: Kate Kennedy's Mission for Gender Pay Parity and Protection from Arbitrary Demotion and Dismissal"
  • Rosalyn La Pier, Associate Professor/Enviornmental Studies: "A'SIITSIKSIMM: A Tree of Life to the Blackfeet"
  • Dave Beck, Professor/Native American Studies" "Bribed with our own Money" 


  • Kirsten Green Mink, Adjunct Assistant Professor/Anthropology: “Childhood in the Classic and Postclassic Maya of the Belize River Valley”
  • Anya Jabour, Regents Professor/History: “Education and Equality: Marion Talbot and Women’s Education in Modern America”
  • Tobin Miller Shearer, Professor/History and African American Studies: “Devout Demonstrators: Sacred Actions in Social Protest Movements: Final Edits and Revisions”
  • Christopher Preston, Professor/Philosophy: “Salmon, Whales, and Sea Otters in South-East Alaska”
  • Ona Renner-Fahey, Associate Professor/World Languages and Cultures: “Rousing the Wood Sprite: Environmentalism in Modernist Russian Literature”
  • Erin Saldin, Assistant Professor/English: “The Caterwaul”
  • Laurie Walker, Associate Professor/ Social Work: “Untold Homesteader Stories: A Family in the Shadow of Glacier National Park in the Reservation Era”


  • Irene Appelbaum, Assoc. Professor, Anthropology (Linguistics): Grammar and Discourse in Kutenai Tales
  • Hiltrud Arens, Professor, MCLL (German): Of Animals and Humans in Yoko Tawada’s Memoirs of a Polar Bear
  • Leora Bar-el, Assoc. Professor, Anthropology (Linguistics): The Dialects of Butte, Montana
  • David Beck, Professor, Native American Studies: ‘Bribed with our own Money’: Federal Misuse of Tribal Funds
  • Abhishek Chatterjee, Asst. Professor, Political Science: Property Rights in Colonial India
  • John Eglin, Professor, History: Commercial Gaming in 18th Century England
  • Valerie Hedquist, Professor, School of Art, College of Visual and Performing Arts: Artists as Prodigals and Wives as Prostitutes: Playing Roles in High Life Portraiture
  • Anya Jabour, Professor, History: NEH Summer Institute on “Suffrage in the Americas”
  • Emilie LeBel, Asst. Professor, School of Music, College of Visual and Performing Arts: Women Buddhist Esoterics in Art Song: A Song Cycle for Soprano and Electric Guitar
  • Clary Loisel, Professor, MCLL (Spanish): Gender Construction in Twentieth-Century Portuguese Literature
  • Quan Manh Ha, Assoc. Professor, English: Vietnamese Short Stories about the Vietnam War: A Translation and Anthology
  • Tobin Shearer, Assoc. Professor, History (African American Studies): Prayerful Protest: The Use of Religious Resources in Anti-Abortion Protests
  • Ruth Vanita, Professor, Global Humanities and Religions: Urdu Poetry of Sa’adat Yar Khan and Insha Allah Khan: A Translation and Scholarly Edition


  • Claire Arcenas, Assistant Professor of History: Why John Locke’s Mistakes Mattered: How Experience Came to Trump Theory in American Politics, 1787-1832
  • John Douglas, Professor of Anthropology: Discovering Ancient Maya Political Changes in the Belize Valley through Ceramic Sourcing
  • John Eglin, Professor of History: James Boswell's Tour in Italy, Corsica, and France
  • Linda Frey, Professor of History: The French Revolution and International Law: A New Paradigm
  • Christopher Preston, Professor of Philosophy: The Resurgence of the Wild in the Anthropocene
  • Tobin Shearer, Associate Professor of History: Director of African-American Studies: Devout Demonstrators: Sacred Actions in Social Protest Movements
  • Brian Dowdle, Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature and Eric Schluessel, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science: Montana Workshop in Sinosphere Literature

Baldridge Book Subvention Grant Recipients


Brady Harrison (English) and Randi Tanglen (Humanities Montana)

Teaching Western American Literature
(University of Nebraska Press)

Tobin Miller Shearer, Department of History, Director of African-American Studies
Religion and Social Protest Movements
(Routledge Press)


Professor Chris Comer, Department of Neuroscience 

Brain, Mind, and the Literary Imagination
Co-Author: Professor Ashley Taggart, University College of London


Professor Anya Jabour, Department of History

Sophonisba Breckinridge and Women's Activism in Modern America
(University of Illinois Press)


Associate Professor Jody Pavilack, Department of History

Mining for the Nation: The Politics of Chile’s Coal Communities from the Popular Front to the Cold War
(Penn State, 2011; Spanish translation)