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27 Oct 2017
LA 103

General News / Updates:

  • Development
    • Summary of LA renovations to date, work will continue for the next two summers to extend the renovation to all oval facing classrooms
    • Given or newly endowed Lucille Speer Chair in History & Politics, we will hold an event in Spring to recognize Richard Drake as the inaugural occupant of the Chair.  Stay tuned.
  • APASP: we await feedback on that and the Dean will have a chance to comment and provide context on emerging ratings.
  • Note that a statement correcting statements about the approach to sabbatical approval and funding by the Provost
  • The search for the next permanent Provost at UM has been announced.  The entire H&S community, faculty and staff, are encouraged to participate by nominating appropriate candidates and providing feedback as it is sought.
  • VSO plan is likely to impact and challenge departmental and college operations in the relatively near future.  The Dean’s office has convened our Faculty and Staff Advisory Committees for a joint session on Monday.  We heed to begin assessing scenarios we may face and how we can adapt so that we can still effectively serve students.
  • Budget continues to be an extraordinary challenge.  We are working along with Main Hall to insure adequate funding for our Lecturers.
  • Be advised that a new model for summer session funding being worked on (on-line will follow).  These will move toward a more self-support type.
  • Nat Levtow updated recent Humanities Institute activities, especially upcoming lectures.
  • Jenny McNulty summarized recent H&S actions to improve retention.  These are multifaceted and will be very important to our future.


  • Ridge Awards are available from the Institute for Health and the Humanities (IHH) these provide modest support for projects at the intersection of humanistic scholarship and reflection with issues facing our health care system locally or nationally.  More information can be obtained from the Dean’s office or by visiting the IHH web site.
  • Many H&S faculty/students (27 to be exact) are to be congratulated for being recognized as Student Wellness Advocates.  Their names were read at the meeting.

The floor was then opened for questions, comments, and discussion.