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The White Calf Kicks

Author: Deborah Slicer

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Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye as the winner of the 2003 Autumn House Poetry Prize, The White Calf Kicks is a bold and surprising debut for an important poet.

Publisher: Autumn House Press

Date: 9/6/2019

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Deborah Slicer

Phone: (406) 243-2527

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Office: LA 155

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Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm

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Current Position

Professor of Philosophy

Graduate Advisor


Ph.D., University of Virginia; M.F.A., University of Virginia

Research Interests

Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Literature, Ethics

Selected Publications

“Thoreau’s Evanescence,” Philosophy and Literature, 37 (forthcoming).

“Quiet...Please,” Religion and Literature, 40(1) (2008): 59-80.

“Do What the Clouds Do: Charles Wright’s Ambivalent Relationship with Nature and Landscape,” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment, 13(2) (2006): 167-168.

The White Calf Kicks (Autumn House Press, 2003). Winner of the 2003 Autumn House Press Poetry Prize, judged by Naomi Nye.