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Kathryn Shanley

Kathryn Shanley

Professor & Special Assistant to the Provost Native American and Indigenous Education

Home Department: Native American Studies
Office: NAC 112
Email: shanleykw@mso.umt.edu
Fax: 406-243-6432

Personal Website

Current Position

I currently serve as Special Assistant to the Provost for Native American and Indigenous Education and am the president of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association for Academic Year 2011-2012.

Personal Summary

Service: Ford Diversity Fellowship Regional Liaison

Board of Directors (former) – American Indian Graduate Center


Ph.D. English Literature and Language, emphasis in Native American Literature, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1987)

M.A. English Literature and Language, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1982) 

B.A. English, Moorehead State University (1980)

Research Interests

Native American literature, gender studies in Indigenous Studies, Indigenous peoples' rights, land-based cultures and oral tradition, globa Indigenous diaspora literatures 

Field of Study

 Native American literature, religion, and philosophy

Selected Publications





Edited Volumes

Mapping Indigenous Presence: North Scandanavian and North American Perspectives. Editors Kathryn Shanley and Bjorg Evjen. With a Foreword by S. James Anaya, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Rights of  Indigenous Peoples. University of Arizona, 2015. 

Boundaries and Sovereignties: Native American Literature.  Special Edition of Paradoxa, Journal of World Literary Genres, 2001.

Contributions to Books

"Native American Literature" Encylopedia of American Studies, 2001.

"Native American Literature" and "James Welch," The Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. 2001. 

"Native American Literature." Native America: Portraits of the Peoples.  Ed. Duane Champagne.  Detroit:  Gale Research Publishers. l994. (Reprint and revision 2001)

 “The Indian American Loves to Love and Read.” (Reprint) and “Afterword.” In Native American Representations.. Ed. Gretchen Bataille. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 2001

"Blood Ties and Blasphemy: American Indian Women and the Problem of History." Is Academic Feminism Dead? Theory in Practice.  New York: New York University Press. 2000

"American Indian Discourses and 'The Politics of Recognition.'” Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in the Twenty-first Century. Ed. Paul Wong. Westview Press,1998.

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Contributions to Journals

“Lady Luck or Mother Earth: The Concept of Luck in Plains Indian Cultures.” Wicazo Sa Review (2000).

“Talking to the Animals and Taking Out the Trash: The Functions of American Indian Literature.” Wicazo Sa Review, Special Issue edited by Jace Weaver and Robert Warrior, 1999.

"The Indian America Loves to Love and Read." American Indian Quarterly Special Issue, (1997). 675-702. 

Jointly with Shelli Fowler, Tiffany Ana Lopez, Caroline Chung Simpson, and Traise Yamamoto, "Negotiating Textual Terrain: A Conversation on Critical and Pedagogical Interventions in the Teaching of Ethnic Autobiography." Frontiers 17:2 (Fall 1996) 4-49.

"Meeting Grounds or 'Frontiers'?" in "Frontiers Reconsidered," Frontiers 17:3 (Winter 1996), 38-42.

Home Department

Native American Studies Department 

Area of Expertise

Gender Studies in Indigenous Studies; Global Indigenous Diaspora Literatures; Indigenous Peoples' Rights; Land-based Cultures and Oral Tradition; Native American Literature, Religion and Philosophy

Chair Director Departments

Native American Studies

AIG Dept/College

College of Humanities and Sciences, Native American Studies

Teaching Experience

Past Appointments:

  • Cornell University 1992-1999
  • University of Washington  1985-1992

International Experience

Since 2008, I have been the project director for the University of Montana Native American Studies collaboration with the Sami Studies Center at the University of Tromso, Norway. The project director there is Bjorg Evjen, a historian of Sami people and a Sea Sami herself.