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Christina G. Yoshimura

Christina G. Yoshimura

Professor of Communication Studies (M.A., Ph.D.) and Mental Health Counselor (M.A.)

Email: christina.yoshimura@umontana.edu
Office: LA 358
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Curriculum Vitae


Communication in Personal Relationships (COMX 414) (online)

Communication Research Methods (COMX 460) (online)

Personal Summary

Dr. Yoshimura focuses her research on how various subsystems of the family communicate as they engage external systems; including workplaces, schools, and the justice system.  Dr. Yoshimura also maintains a focus on applied communication skills and mental health, using her advanced degrees and background in communication studies and clinical mental health to engage in research and teaching on and off campus at the intersection of interpersonal communication and mental health.  She has published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including a recent article specifically addressing the role of communication in working with survivors of domestic violence.


M.A. - Counseling: 2015

University of Montana

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Family focus


Ph. D. – Communication:  2004

Arizona State University

Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Interpersonal/Family Communication focus

Dissertation: Communicative responses to the work/family tension


M.A. – Communication, 2000                                                

Arizona State University                                                    

Hugh Downs School of Human Communication                       

Interpersonal Communication focus                              

Thesis: I wonder what’s on TV tonight: An exploration of maintenance in the context of television watching


B.S. – Communications, 1998

Syracuse University

Newhouse School of Communications

Public Relations focus



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Yoshimura, C. G. (2010).  The experience and communication of envy among siblings, siblings- in-law, and spouses.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 27, 1075-1088.

Yoshimura, C.G. & Alberts, J.K. (2008).  Television viewing and relational maintenance. In M. Motley (Ed.) Studies in Applied Interpersonal Communication.  Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.

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Floyd, K., & Yoshimura, C. G. (2002).  The extended self-serving bias in attribution-making about communication behavior.  In A.V. Stavros (Ed.) Advances in Communications and Media Research (129-138).  Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Pedagogy Department Field

Communication Studies

Teaching Experience


Department of Communication Studies, The University of Montana

Professor, 2017-present

Associate Professor, 2011-2017 

Assistant Professor, 2006-2011

Adjunct Instructor, 2002-2006


Counselor, Curry Health Center Counseling Services

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, 2018-present

Certified Counselor, 2015-2018