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Thomas M. Power

Thomas M. Power

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Dr. Power has been associated with the Economics Department at the University of Montana since 1968. He served as the Chairman of the Economics Department from 1978 to 2008.  In 2008 he retired from teaching and university administration, but he remains active as a Research Professor.  

His teaching, research, and publications have focused on Natural Resource Economics and the intersection between natural resources and regional economic vitality and well-being. Over the last half-century, Natural Resource Economics has broadened its focus to include not only the commercially valuable resources that can be obtained from our natural landscapes but also the valuable non-commercial environmental services that flow from those landscapes and support environmental stability and a high quality of life. Similarly, Regional Economics that originally focused almost exclusively on commercial export-oriented economic activities now recognizes that the attractiveness of regions and communities as places to live, work, and do business is central to attracting and holding economic activity.

 As a result of this broadening of the focus of economic analysis, environmental and economic issues have become intertwined. This integration of environmental quality into economics is scientifically appropriate and enhances the value and power of economic analysis in helping to inform and guide the development of good and effective public policy.

Professor Power received his undergraduate degree in Physics from Lehigh University and his MA and PhD in Economics from Princeton University. He is the author of six books, two dozen book chapters, and numerous articles and reports in the field of Natural Resource and Regional Economics and the relationship between those two fields. He has regularly testified before state and federal regulatory agencies and is a commentator on Montana Public Radio and in the regional and national press.

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Resource Economics, Regional Economics

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Department of Economics 

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Regional Economics; Resource Economics