Rose Bear Don’t Walk | The Plants That Grew A People

Rose Bear Don't Walk crouching with her dog in front of mountains

Rose Bear Don't Walk, The Plants that Grew a People

In Episode #64 "The Plants that Grew a People" of Science! with friends, Jocelyn and Bradley are joined by ethnobotanist and Salish scientist Rose Bear Don't Walk, who shares her journey from growing up on the Flathead India Reservation in northwestern Montana to earning a political science degree at Yale, and then returning to Montana to study environmental science. Through these diverse experiences, Rose has nurtured a passion for social and environmental justice. She has also realized that, for many indigenous communities, recovering traditional ecological knowledge of plants is a key element in preserving culture and improving health. Rose discusses how her Bitterroot Salish and Crow heritage inform her scientific identity and practices, and she describes her current project to promote food sovereignty among her own Salish people by supporting healthy, culturally relevant food practices in her community.