College of Humanities & Sciences Student Ambassador Program

As a dedicated group of undergraduate students, H&S Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the Dean’s Office and H&S departments at special events. Specifically, H&S Ambassadors are involved in orientation, outreach, and development activities at UM, including UM Days, Griz Welcome, Homecoming, H&S Advisory Board Meetings, and fundraising events.

Who are the H&S Ambassadors?

Our 2021 H&S Student Ambassadors come from all over campus and represent a myriad of majors, minors, and extracurricular activities. They are (alphabetical by last name):

  • Luke Allsop, majoring in Psychology; minoring in Biology; Class of 2022
  • Caroline Kane, majoring in Biology, Field Ecology concentration; minoring in Environmental Studies and Geoscience; Class of 2023
  • Monroe Karlin, majoring in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies’; Class of 2022
  • Ruby Loeffelholz, majoring in Anthropology; minoring in International Development Studies; Class of 2023
  • Tanessa Morris, majoring in Geoscience; Class of 2022
  • Jessica Ponce, majoring in Psychology; minoring in International Development Studies; Class of 2023
  • Louis Stevens, majoring in Psychology and Communication Studies; Class of 2024
  • Jenny Taylor, majoring in Neuroscience; Class of 2022
  • Cassie Williams, majoring in Political Science, Public Administration and Public Policy concentration; minoring in Nonprofit Administration; Class of 2022

Want to request an H&S Student Ambassador's help?

Thank you for your interest in having an H&S Ambassador attend your event. We ask that you fill out our request form at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Want to be an H&S Student Ambassador?

Are you passionate about your experience in the University of Montana’s College of Humanities & Sciences? Are you enthusiastic about sharing stories about courses, professors, and campus life experience? Are you looking for opportunities to develop your leadership and professional skills? If so, apply to be an H&S Student Ambassador.

What are the requirements to become an H&S Ambassador?

  • Must be an undergraduate student with a major in an H&S department
  • Must be a full-time student enrolled in 12 credits or more
  • Must have completed one semester at the University of Montana
  • Be in excellent academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Be committed to serving for one year (2021 spring and fall semesters)
  • Be passionate about UM and the College of Humanities & Sciences
  • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills

What is the required commitment?

Selected students will be required to participate in orientation sessions, attend bi-weekly meetings, and participate in ongoing College activities, such as orientation, recruitment, or development events. Expect a commitment of 1-2 hours per week for Ambassador obligations.

What will I gain from this experience?

As an H&S Student Ambassador, you will work with the Dean’s office staff and faculty, building valuable leadership skills and experience in event planning, public speaking, collaboration and teamwork. H&S Ambassadors will be provided with a $250 award in spring semester and a $500 award in fall semester for their time commitment. Additionally, Ambassadors will receive a UM H&S branded shirt and name badge.

To Apply

Please come back in the fall when we open up the application process for next year! If you have any questions, please email or contact Rebecca Kranitz at (406) 243-2830.