Professional Ridge Award Guidelines

Application Deadline:  November 18, 2019

The Institute for Health and Humanities (IHH) has long provided small grants to support students (Ridge Scholars) working on exciting and important issues related to the humanities and health/healthcare.  This year the Institute has added a category of support for professionals such as practitioners and faculty scholars.  This professional program is also connected to the Ridge Library.

The Ridge Library, sponsored by the Institute for Health and Humanities and housed at the The Learning Center at St. Patrick Hospital, is an important resource in the medical humanities.  With a growing collection of about 1800 books and monographs, as well as many journals, the Ridge Library serves as a resource for health care providers, scholars and students who are interested in the rich nexus between community and individual health/healthcare and the humanities. Works in history, ethics, art, film, theater, literature, biography, anthropology, sociology and other fields allow users to gain insights into the very human experiences of health and illness and the provision of healthcare. Ridge scholars have the opportunity to enhance the collection through acquisitions related to their field of inquiry.

For this round of professional scholarships, applications related to health equity, narrative medicine, storytelling, end-of-life care options, climate change and health, suicide and community response to suicide, and social determinants of health are particularly encouraged, although all topics that fit within the general guidelines may be considered.  A focus on these issues in the Missoula region is encouraged but not required, provided the research is relevant to that area.  “Research” includes scientific and humanistic research and creative works that involve exploration at the nexus of health/healthcare and humanities.  Examples of appropriate creative works include, but are not limited to, a short film, play or art piece suitable for public presentation.  All applicants must be able to articulate the relationship of the humanistic content of their project to health and/or healthcare.

The Ridge Research/Project Awards fund projects that utilize, contribute to, or expand the resources in the Ridge Collection. Materials produced will be maintained by the library and may be made available on the IHH website – if appropriate.  One to two awards of $5000 each will be selected for 2020, with half the award given at the time of award and the final half at the delivery of the project. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until awards are made, but no later than Novemeber 18, 2019. There is a general expectation that the research will be completed, or advanced enough, in time to present November 2020.


  1. Local health professionals, University of Montana faculty, and those with clinical and research appointments at University of Montana
  2. Propose a project with meaningful research that utilizes the resources of the Ridge Collection or contributes to the development of Ridge holdings. The work may be part of a larger project.

Application process

Completed applications will include:

  1. cover sheet (form provided by IHH)
  2. brief description (approximately 3-5 pages) of the proposed project, including the objectives of the research and creative work (where applicable) including its relationship to health or healthcare and Humanities (broadly construed), a plan of the research and/or project and the work to be completed, and how the resources of the Ridge Collection will be used or expanded
  3. budget for the project
  4. an abstract of no more than 250 words that summarizes the proposal and the methods involved; the abstract should be designed to convince the reader/judge of the project's significance and merit
  5. academic CV or professional resume including academic background/experience

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be judged by the extent to which they:

  1. provide a sound thesis and rationale for the project
  2. demonstrate original work developed for this project
  3. note the significance and/or contribution of the work from an academic perspective or for impact on the community
  4. are written in a clear and understandable manner
  5. meet the requirements noted in these guidelines


  1. Academic or creative work suitable for publication or dissemination in appropriate venue
  2. Presentation in suitable venue available to campus and Missoula area community by Spring 2018
  3. Upon completion of project, award recipients to supply brief description of project and how they used and/or contributed to the Ridge Library resources

Procedures and Timeline

Application materials must be submitted online no later than November 18, 2019 to

Awards will be announced as they are approved until award funds are exhausted.

For more information, contact:

Amy Ratto Parks
Institute of Health and Humanities