Summer 2021 class announce

Unfortunately, this course has been cancelled due to low enrollment. We look forward to offering it again soon!

This course explores the intersections of healthcare and the literary arts. We will examine the role of literature in shaping our understanding of illness and in shaping the social constructs that influence our beliefs and assumptions about caregiving experiences. We will also analyze language and literary elements to consider literature’s power to perpetuate or alter inequities and prejudices in healthcare.  

Much of our time in this course will be spent honing our observational and close reading skills, and we will support each other through collaboration, discussion, and feedback. Texts will include a range of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, scripts, and related expressive forms such as podcasts, TED Talks, documentaries, and film. We will consider perspectives beyond our individual lived experiences and connect with those perspectives in ways that are empathetic and that challenge stereotypes