Study Abroad in Dublin

May - June [three weeks]

3 credits (as Biology 395, or English, or Irish Studies)

This program combines approaches from the sciences and humanities to investigate how information about brain and cognition can inform our understanding of literary creativity and how we appreciate literary work. We will consider such interrelated topics as: The biological basis of language, language evolution and neural control, narrative theory, cognition in literature, sources of creativity. We will concentrate on the workings of the literary mind through study of 20th century Anglo-Irish writers. Students will live in Dublin, be taught by Christopher Comer, Dean of the UM College of Arts and Sciences (a neuroscientist) and Irish faculty (in the humanities) from Trinity, UCD and St. Patrick’s College. You will experience Irish culture and the arts using Dublin’s abundant resources (the National Theatre, museums, galleries, friendly pubs). The course also includes discussion with practicing writers, critics etc. Prior knowledge of neuroscience not required.

There will be several orientation meetings in Missoula before departure (in March or April). Cost: approximately $2100 (could be slightly less if a large number of students enroll). The cost covers on-site tuition in Dublin, housing near the Centre where you will study, an on-site orientation and a farewell dinner. Travel is arranged on your own. Dr. Comer can help you find affordable airfares and will provide most course materials.

Application is through the UM Study Abroad Office, or directly to Dr. Comer. Deadline: applications should be received by the beginning of March.

For more information contact Chris Comer (

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