Ireland Study Abroad, January 2016

Travel course, HONR 393, 1-3 cr.

Open to all UM students; counts as experiential course for DHC

Applications available at Davidson Honors College, Apply ASAP

This program focuses on the history, literature, politics, and religion of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In Dublin, we will see the Book of Kells, the bog bodies and Viking gold of the National Gallery, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol, and other fascinating sights. Throughout Ireland, we will visit ancient ruins, medieval monasteries, beautiful sea cliffs, and sites of literary, political, and religious history

And fall 2015 preparation course required:

History and Culture of Ireland, HONR 391, 2 cr.; T, 3:40-5:30
Counts as one of the 7 courses required for DHC

Questions? Laure Pengelly Drake, DHC 102, 243-6140

green countryside
Photo by Hunter D'Anouno, Ireland 2014 trip