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Study Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico 

Oaxaca is rich in history and culture. There are an amazing number of points of interest both within and near the city such as cathedrals, museums, parks, concerts, restaurants featuring Oaxaca's famous cuisine, archaeological sites, and crafts villages. Students who participate in this study abroad program will attend the Instituo Cultural Oaxaca a Spanish language school that has proudly welcomed students from all over the world. Participants must register for a full program of courses (15 credits). Their registration process will take place in Missoula and will be closely planned by the student in consultation with the Program Director to insure that all credits earned in Mexico will count towards the student's study and graduation plans. In addition, students will need to register for the orientation course, SPNS 291 for Fall 2016.
Participants do NOT need to be Spanish majors or minors.

What does it mean to prioritize land conservation in a region where the gap between rich and poor is worsening? What challenges do international trade agreements present those who seek national policies of sustainable development? What are the relationships between deforestation, water pollution and indigenous peoples?  During this travel seminar, you will explore these and other questions by engaging in dialogue with Nicaraguan individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds and worldviews concerned with sustainable development and environmental justice./span>

This experience is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as members of the general public. Early application is recommended. For more information, please contact the program director, professor Dan Spencer/span>