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Mark Kayll

Mark Kayll


Office: MATH 209
Email: mark.kayll@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

Tuesday 3:00 -- 3:50pm and Thursday: 2:00 -- 2:50pm; and by appointment (informal or otherwise)

Meetings are by Zoom; please see course syllabus for information.


B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics, Simon Fraser University
Ph.D. in Mathematics, Rutgers University

Research Interests

Discrete Mathematics, Optimization, Theoretical Computer Science

Selected Publications

  • D. Perkins and P.M. Kayll, A chip-firing variation and a Markov chain with uniform stationary distribution, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 68 (2017), 330–345
  • P.M. Kayll, Two chromatic conjectures: one for vertices and one for edges, Chapter 11 in Graph Theory  Favorite Conjectures and Open Problems 1 (R. Gera, S.T. Hedetniemi, and C.E. Larson, eds.), pp. 171–194, Problem Books in Mathematics, Springer International, Switzerland, 2016
  • P.M. Kayll, Deranged matchings: enumeration by integration!!, American Mathematical Monthly 122 (2015), 51
  • A. Harutyunyan, P.M. Kayll, B. Mohar and L. Rafferty, Uniquely D-colourable digraphs with large girth, Canadian Journal of Mathematics 64 (2012), 1310–1328
  • P.M. Kayll, Integrals don’t have anything to do with discrete math, do they?, Mathematics Magazine 84 (2011), 108–119
  • P.M. Kayll, König-Egerváry graphs are non-Edmonds, Graphs and Combinatorics 26 (2010), 721–726
  • P.M. Kayll, A note on weak Sidon sequences, Discrete Mathematics 299 (2005), 141–144
  • D. Bokal, G. Fijavz, M. Juvan, P.M. Kayll and B. Mohar, The circular chromatic number of a digraph, Journal of Graph Theory 46 (2004), 227–240
  • S.P. McAlister, A.D. Inglis and P.M. Kayll, Conduction in cosputtered Au-SiO2 films, Physical Review B 31 (1985), 5113–5120


Home Department

Mathematical Sciences

Area of Expertise

Discrete Mathematics (Combinatorics and Graph Theory); Mathematics of Finite Sets and Graph Models


AMS, CMS, MAA, ICA (Elected Member of ICA Council, 2017–2023)