Applied Mathematics

The department has 4 full-time faculty members in Applied Mathematics. The applied mathematics program at the University of Montana is based in the areas of Dynamical Systems, Inverse Problems, Asymptotic Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Mathematical and Computational Biology and Natural Resource Management. Other faculty in Mathematics and Statistics interact with the group, as their research interests overlap with the applied mathematicians'. The applied mathematicians also collaborate with faculty members at UM in Chemistry, Division of Biological Sciences, Skaggs School of Pharmacy, Montana Neuroscience Institue, Physics, Wildlife Biology, Forestry and other departments. There are 1-2 seminars involving faculty and graduate students going on at any given time in Applied Mathematics. This year we are emphasizing inverse problems and mathematical biology, with applications in neuroscience. Computers are used extensively in all of the Applied Mathematics courses. Research in Applied Mathematics is supported through both local (UM) and external (NSF) funding. Faculty members in the group are active in various national societies such as The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, specifically in Numerical Methods and Applied Dynamical Systems Activity Groups.


Prof. John Bardsley
Prof. Leonid Kalachev
Prof. Javier Pérez Álvaro
Prof. Emily Stone
Prof. William Derrick (Emeritus)
Prof. Robert McKelvey (Emeritus) 

Active Research Projects  

Mathematical Biology
Computational Math
Inverse Problems
Neuroscience Modeling  

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