Prerequisites for Courses based on Applied Calculus

The following graph shows the prerequisite relationships for mathematics courses based on Applied Calculus.  (Updated February 2020)

graphic showing the prerequisite relationships among courses based on applied calculus

Prerequisite Table

Course Title Prerequisites
M 225 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics M 162 (or M 171)
M 301 Teaching Mathematics with Technology M 162 (or M 171)
M 326 Number Theory M 225 (or M 307)
M 361 Discrete Optimization M 162 (or M 172)
M 362 Linear Optimization M 162 (or M 172)
STAT 341 Introduction to Probability and Statistics M 162 (or M 172)
STAT 451 Statistical Methods I For example, M 162 and M 115
STAT 452 Statistical Methods II STAT 451