Advising Information and Materials

Each mathematics major has an advisor who will give advice on courses, help plan class schedules and assist in career planning. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are advised by Robyn Berg; in addition, they also have a faculty mentor.  Seniors have a faculty advisor.  Mathematics minors are advised by the Associate Chair for the Undergraduate Program. If you do not know who your advisor is, ask in the Math Office (MATH 102). Undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor prior to registration. You must obtain your advising number from your advisor before you can register. Although a student’s advisor provides guidance on course selection, students are still responsible for making sure they have all of the courses required for graduation.

Majors are strongly encouraged to regularly meet with their faculty mentor: These tenure-track professors have lots of experience and knowledge about all things math: They can discuss our advanced courses with you; they can help you decide which advanced courses to take given your interests and career goals; they can help you prioritize some courses over others (say to keep your options open, or to make sure you take all necessary prerequisites for the course work you are really interested in); ... the list goes on. Let your faculty mentor help you - make an appointment with him or her!

If you would like to change your advisor or faculty mentor, that can be easily done; just contact the Associate Chair for the Undergraduate Program.

Advising Worksheets & Degree Maps

The advising worksheets present the degree requirements in compact form, and the Degree Maps outline a four-year plan to graduation.  We hope you'll find them useful.

There are Lots of Rules... the UM Catalog.  Here is a short list of the most important ones.