Summer Program

Math Sampler

This summer we will offer a 3-week course, the Math Sampler. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the wide range of topics and applications studied in the math major. We hope to touch on topics from discrete math, geometry, cryptography, and statistics. Our most important goals are to look at some interesting math, solve some problems, and have fun doing it.

When and Where

June 9 – June 26, Tues. – Friday, 9am – 10am, PFNAC

How You Can Participate

Incoming UM students, freshmen and sophomores: You will receive a $120 stipend to participate. Apply by filling out a participant application.

Juniors and seniors: You can apply to participate as a peer leader. You will do the same activities as everyone else, but will also help facilitate the group discussions and help out those new to the UM community. You will receive a $240 stipend.  Apply by filling out a peer leader application.


Applications are currently closed.

groups of students working with paper bowls

three students working with paper bowls