Traveling Team

group photo of 2018 team
The 2018 MMUN Traveling Team inside the General Assembly at UN Headquarters, March 29, 2018.

The Montana Model UN (MMUN) Traveling Team

The Montana Model UN (MMUN) Travelling Team travels to national and international conferences to compete with other collegiate Model UN teams. Since 2007, the team has attended the National Model UN Conference in New York.

Team members are chosen from the fall-semester Political Science course that plans and staffs the Montana Model UN High School Conference.

In Spring 2018, the MMUN Team represented Eritrea at the National Model UN (NMUN) Conference in New York. In New York, team members spent five days “representing” their country on UN committees such as the General Assembly and Security Council. In addition, they met students from all over the world, met diplomatic staff from Eritrea, attended talks by international scholars and policy makers, and visited UN headquarters.

In 2018, the MMUN Team won an Honorable Delegation Award while representing Eritrea at the NMUN.

In 2012, in recognition of the Team's accomplishments and of the regional diversity the UM Team brings to National Model UN conferences, the Montana Model UN Team received a $1,000 scholarship from National Model UN.

Because MMUN Team members serve as chairs and other staff members at UM's Montana Model UN High School Conference each fall, they are often selected to serve as NMUN committee and conference staff. In 2018, Robert Cahill served as the Director for NMUN Conference A after serving in various other positions in previous years. In 2011, Aimee Ryan (B.A. Political Science, 2010) was selected as the Co-Director of the NMUN-NY Security Council. In 2012, Thecla Backhouse-Prentiss (B.A. Political Science, 2011) served as the Assistant Director of the NMUN-NY Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty. Since 2010, Jennifer Hathaway Spaulding (M.A. Political Science, 2006) has served on the NMUN Advisory Committee.

In coming years, the Montana Model UN Team will continue to attend the National Model UN conference in New York, which is the largest collegiate UN conference in the world, drawing over 3,000 students from 250 schools and five continents. The Team also hopes to participate in international conferences and partner with international delegations.

More Information about the 2018 Traveling Team

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