Public Neuroscience Lecture Series on the Brain and Nervous System Disorders Starts Thursday September 24th.

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There are few things more intriguing than contemplating how the brain and nervous system work. Conversely, there are few things more frightening than having to cope with the challenges connected to Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, depression, or addiction, be it as a patient, family member or caregiver. Ironically, our knowledge of both normal brain function and neurological disorders or injuries often advance hand-in-hand, with each telling us something very important about the other. This is partly why the medical neurosciences, such as neurology and neurosurgery, are so closely linked to basic biomedical research on the brain. The close ties between the two also provided the inspiration for an exciting community Neuroscience Lecture series that brings together the clinical expertise of Providence St. Patrick Hospital’s Montana Neuroscience Institute and the research/academic expertise within UM’s Neuroscience Program. The goal of this lecture series is to keep our public communities better informed as to recent progress in understanding, diagnosing and treating these often devastating diseases. Students interested in neuroscience and/or the healthcare fields are encouraged to participate. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the lectures are currently being scheduled as webinars, rather than in-person lectures, to allow for a larger and safer event.

This year’s free webinar series kicks off on Thursday September 24th from 5:30-6:30 with a presentation on Persistent Pain, given by Psychologist Amy Davis, PsyD and Physical Therapists Kathy Showers, DPT and Kathy Reid, DPT. Instructions as how to register can be found at Neuroscience Lecture Series and are also are included in the announcement below.

For further information contact:
Polly Troutman MSN, RN
Program Manager, Neuroscience/Palliative Care
Providence St. Patrick Hospital
Richard Bridges, PhD
Director, Neuroscience Program University of Montana

Printable Event Flyer:

Lecture Series Flyer